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23.9.2 MediaContainer (

It is possible to combine several MediaControls in a MediaContainer so that they can be addressed as a single control element.

By default, a MediaContainer has no input and no output. However, to make it work like a normal control, you must use

  • the AddInput and AddOutput methods,
  • the inputs and outputs from the subordinate controls and
  • use them as inputs and outputs for the container.

This class can be created and behaves like a read/write array. A MediaContainer is based on a GStreamer element of type “bin”.

How to create a new MediaContainer:

Dim hMediaContainer As MediaContainer

hMediaContainer = New MediaContainer ( [ Parent As MediaContainer, Type As String ] ) [ As "EventName" ] Properties, methods and events

The MediaContainer class has the same relevant properties, methods and events as the MediaControl class.

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