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23.4.0 Colours, colour spaces, images and image editing

The following chapter describes components and classes that can be used to create, load, save and edit images.


Figure 23.4.0: Colour image

  • Firstly, the SvgImage class is described, with which you can create, load, save and edit SVG images.
  • Then the component gb.image with its four classes Color (gb.image) including Color (gb.qt4), ColorInfo (gb.image), Image and ImageStat is presented.
  • Information is then provided on the colour spaces used in Gambas, as 2 colour spaces are used in Gambas in order to use the colours defined there.
  • The two classes Image and ImageHistogram from the gb.image.effect component are then introduced.
  • The description of the Image class from the component tells you how to load and save images.
  • Below you will learn the essentials about the Image class of the gb.image.imlib component, which adds image processing methods from the imlib2 library to the Image class in the gb.image component and thus extends its methods.
  • Next, you will be shown how to read image properties, change images, add effects to images or create and display the histogram of an image.
  • Finally, you will be introduced to projects,
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