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23.2.1 Border class

The static Border class provides constants that are used to define the border property of many controls, provided they have a Border property:

.None0No border is drawn
.Plain1A simple border line is drawn
.Sunken2A border line with a small shadow effect is drawn
.Raised3Draw a slightly raised border line
.Etched4A deepened border line is drawn

Table 23.2.1: Border properties

Some controls have a Border property that only allows you to specify whether a border is drawn or not. For others, the border property can be used to define the style of the border in 5 variants. If a border is set, you can specify whether the border is fixed or can be changed at runtime.


  • btnStartTerminal.Border = True: This value for the border of a button is the default value and describes that each new button is drawn with a fine border.
  • PictureBox.Border = Border.Plain: The border property Plain (constant = 1) from the Border class defines a simple line as the border around the picture box.
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