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23.3.6 PaintExtents

This PaintExtents (gb.qt4/5) class represents a (rectangular) bounding box as returned by the Paint.ClipExtents property. Properties

The PaintExtents class has these six properties of data type Float:

HeightReturns the height of the bounding box.
WidthReturns the width of the bounding box.
X, Y, X2, Y2The value pair (X/Y) represents the coordinates of the upper left point of the bounding box and the value pair (X2/Y2) those of the lower right point.

Table : Properties of the PaintExtents class Method

The PaintExtents class has only one method:

Function Merge ( Extents As PaintExtents ) As PaintExtents

The Merge(arg) method returns the smallest rectangle of the PaintExtents type in which the union of the two extents fits.

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