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k23:k23.4:k23.4.2:k23.4.2.4:start Class ImageStat (gb.image)

This class enables the return of selected information about a specific image. The class cannot be generated and can be used as a static function.

The static function:

Static Function ImageStat ( ImagePath As String ) As ImageStat

returns information about the image specified in the “ImagePath” argument. Example:

Public Sub Form_Open()
  Dim statImage As ImageStat
  statImage = ImageStat(User.Home &/ "Pictures/example.jpg")
  Print "Image Depth = " & statImage.Depth
  Print "Image Height = " & statImage.Height
  Print "Image Width = " & statImage.Width
  Print "Image Path = " & statImage.Path
  Print "Image Type = " & statImage.Type
End Properties

The following table describes the properties of the class:

DepthIntegerReturns the colour depth of the image in bits.
HeightIntegerReturns the height of the image in pixels.
WidthIntegerReturns the image width in pixels.
PathStringReturns the path of the image.
TypeStringReturns the mimetype of the image as a string. The string can be “image/jpeg”, “image/gif”, “image/png”, “image/bmp” or “image/tiff”.

Table : Properties class ImageStat (gb.image)

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