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1.0 Gambas Online Book

Yes, it's time to write. The book is and never will be ready - so let's start.

It should become clear that

  • our online book is not a textbook or a substitute for it,
  • as the title for our online book “Gambas in Projekte”,
  • the presented projects with Gambas 3 are always developed and tested in the current stable version,
  • the structure/order selected in the online book was not subject to the use of objective criteria,
  • the aspect “Object-Oriented Programming - OOP” is only considered to the extent that mainly finished Gambas classes are used, and
  • only in a special chapter “Modules and Classes” the design and testing of your own classes can be dealt with in selected projects.

Which contents are to be expected on the pages?

  • Instructions for installing GAMBAS under UBUNTU
  • Presentation of essential aspects of the theory of the programming language GAMBAS (classes)
  • Detailed presentation of (almost) all visible and non-visible components with selected examples in complete projects
  • Publication of the source texts of the tested and presented projects
  • Publication of projects of the readers of this site
  • Presentation of the contents and the complete source code in the form of an online book, the contents of which can be read here.

In the individual chapters and their parts the necessary theoretical elements for the language Gambas are presented. This includes the properties, methods and events of the selected classes. These classes are then used in a Gambas project. The source code is presented in parts or completely and commented at the important places. After each chapter, the project is optionally provided as a source code archive for download.

The chosen form of online book will make it possible to quickly incorporate changes in the language of Gambas into the book. We sincerely hope that the readers of our book have the same fun programming with gambas as the authors.

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