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Network and communication


24.0 Network and communication

Chapter 24 gives you an overview of the possibilities of Gambas to connect to the outside world via interfaces in the programs. The main load is the Socket class, because it can be used to implement clients that can offer all traditional services on the network. In this chapter you will gain an insight into the RFCs on which these services are based and learn in selected projects how to develop web clients and test them in the local network.

Figure 24.0.1: DNS client (resolver)

Even if only a few computers still have a real serial RS232 interface (V24), this interface is often used in technology. Some of the projects presented use the V24 interface for measurement and control tasks via an RS232 USB adapter. The parallel (Centronics) interface and the D-Bus are also included in some sections. The installation and configuration of a web server is described in detail in an excursion so that you can test the presented projects - including the CGI section - locally on your computer. You can display geographical maps using the component. Among other things, you will learn how to convert texts in MarkDown syntax to HTML and how to develop and maintain your own wiki. You generate Web pages using CGI and the WebPage class. By using the WebView component, you can display Web pages comfortably in your own programs.

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