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5.0 Gambas architecture

Gambas programs are mainly developed and tested in the IDE. This chapter provides some impressions of the Gambas architecture and shows you how the programs compilers, archiver and interpreters of Gambas work together internally. You will learn what binary P code means and how to start programs with parameters.


Figure 5.0.1: Gambas architecture (

In a further chapter 5.3.3 you will learn how to have the interpreter evaluate Gambas expressions in a comfortable way. Gambas as a scripting language is easy to get used to, because you can use all the instructions of gambas in your Gambas scripts. The contents of chapter 5.4 Gambas scripting provides you with the tools for these local scripts. You will recognize the close reference to the chapter CGI when handling the web-based scripts if it shows how to use the Gambas program gbw3.




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