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Hans-Joachim Lehmann


Dr. Hans Lehmann studied at EOS in Osterburg at the Technical University of Magdeburg and graduated as a teacher of mathematics and physics. For 45 years he worked as a teacher at EOS Osterburg, later at Markgraf-Albrecht-Gymnasium in Osterburg in mathematics, physics, astronomy and increasingly in computer science. In 1989 he received his doctorate in mathematics from the Otto von Guericke University in Magdeburg.

Claus Dietrich

After more than two years of intensive exchange of ideas on the theory and practice of the programming language Gambas and the correction of new chapters, Claus has also been the author of our online book since January 2015.

Gianluigi Gradaschi


Gianluigi from Genoa (Italy) has been supporting the work on the Gambas book since March 2019. He tests selected projects to be published in the book, supports with hints on properties, methods and events of components and their classes and gives help on programming practice as a basis for our Gambas book.

Emily Görnandt


Emily Görnandt graduated from secondary school in 2019.
She will edit the German chapters and translate them into English. She will insert the translated texts into the English version of our online book.

Tobias Boege


Dr. Tobias Boege attended the Markgraf-Albrecht-Gymnasium in Osterburg as a high school student. From 2013 to 2018 he studied Mathematics at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg where he also did his doctoral studies from 2018 to 2022. Afterwards he worked at the Max-Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences in Leipzig. Presently, Tobias lives in Helsinki and works at Aalto University als a postdoctoral researcher with a focus on Algebraic Statistics.

Since 2019 Tobias has been running his own website at

He had his first contact with Gambas in 8th grade computer science lessons with Dr. Lehmann and has remained with the language ever since. Tobias also likes Perl 5 and 6 and likes to play table tennis as a balance to programming and mathematics.

Tobias is one of the Gambas developers and occasionally fixes bugs in various components. He has developed the following components himself:

  • gb.ncurses for implementing controls in the terminal using the ncurses library,
  • for basic algorithms and data structures,
  • gb.openssl as interface to the cryptographic functions of the OpenSSL project,
  • gb.inotify for monitoring files and directories under Linux,
  • gb.web.feed for reading and writing RSS feeds,
  • gb.test is a test framework for gambas currently under development.

Tobias is known as tux_ in the Gambas Club. He is mainly active on the gambas mailing list and as “tobs” on the “#gambas” IRC channel on Freenode. As an autodidact he wants to encourage gambas beginners and advanced players to look into the source code of gambas components to learn gambas “from the masters”.

Ingo Beckert


Ingo Beckert graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt in 1987 as Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) with a focus on communications engineering.

Until 2004, he worked in various companies in the IT and telecommunications sector as a measurement engineer, system and senior consultant. He then founded Adiccon GmbH (, a consulting and service company for information technology and telecommunications in Darmstadt, where he is managing director. In the additional role of Information Security Manager, he led the company to ISO 27001 certification in 2010.

Ingo takes care of the control of the finished articles as well as the testing of the gambas projects and contributes as author to the quality assurance of these pages.

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