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17.7 GridView

The GridView component is a frequently used component that you will use especially if you want to display data in a grid view. This is most easily done with data that originates from a table - for example, from a value table - or an array, because these already have a structure of rows and columns.

It must be clear to you when using the GridView component: In a grid view, data is only displayed - presented. It is not intended to change or even delete data displayed in a cell in the grid. No methods are implemented for regrouping data rows according to various criteria or sorting data in a grid column.


Figure Value table with special color marking of rows and cells in the GridView

The procedure for using the GridView component can be described in the following tested step sequences:

Case 1 - Number of columns is known

  • Set grid properties of the GridView
  • Edit data and immediately insert and display it (row by row and column by column) in the grid view

Case 2 - Number of columns is known

  • Set grid properties of the GridView
  • Prepare and cache data, and
  • then insert and display 'en bloc' in the grid view

Case 3 - Number of columns and rows is not known

  • First you have to prepare the data for the GridView and save it in an array,
  • then set the grid properties of the GridView and
  • finally insert the data 'en bloc' into the grid view and display it.




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