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12.3.0 Component gb.form.mdi

This component opens up the possibility of realising a multi-document interface with the Workspace control element and offers, among other things, a ToolBar container. The component has the three classes Workspace, ToolBar and Action.

Workspace → Chapter 12.3.1
The class implements a workspace tab where you can insert top-level windows.

Figure Container 'Workspace' in the Gambas IDE.

ToolBar → Chapter 12.3.2
The ToolBar class implements a toolbar to hold ToolButton and MenuButton.

Action → Chapter 12.3.3
The Action class (gb.form.mdi) extends the Action class from gb.qt4. It provides you with a list in an array via the Action.List property, in which all specified actions are entered in an ordered manner. The new Configure() method opens a dialogue for configuring shortcuts.

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