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12.10 Class Windows

The class Windows (gb.qt4) returns a collection of all windows opened by a Gambas program. The (static) class has only one property: Windows.Count returns the number of windows opened by a Gambas program. You can use the Windows class like a read-only array.


Public Sub btnShowInformations_Click()
 Dim i As Integer
 Dim hWindow As Window
  Print "Number of open windows = "; Windows.Count
  For Each hWindow In Windows
      Inc i
      Print i; ". Window: "; "Caption =      "; hWindow.Caption
      Print i; ". Window: "; "Window-height = "; hWindow.H
      Print "------------------------------------------"
End '  btnShowInformations

Figure 12.10.1: Three open windows of a Gambas programme.

For the application with three open windows → Figure 12.10.1 results in the following output in the console of the IDE:

Number of open windows = 3

1. Window: Caption =      un-embed-forms
1. Window: Window-height = 336
2. Window: Caption =      Window 1
2. Window: Window-height = 144
3. Window: Caption =      Window 2
3. Window: Window-height = 144
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