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16.6.1 TextBox and its specializations

The following components are TextBoxes with special properties:

The class MaskBox implements a TextBox with an input format mask.

A ButtonBox is a TextBox with an integrated button. A format mask is optionally available.

A ValueBox is either a TextBox, a DateBox or a MaskBox depending on the assigned type:

  • Number: TextBox
  • Date: DateBox
  • Time: DateBox
  • DateTime: DateBox
  • Currency: MaskBox
  • IPAddress: MaskBox

A HistoryBox is a TextBox with “memory”, in which a certain number of entries can be temporarily stored and recalled and was developed by Tobias Boege.

In addition to a text box, an InputBox also contains some labels in its own form.

The task-specific check of the (entry) string from the text property of a TextBox and the return values of its specializations - which are not necessarily of the type string - lies with the programmer to process valid data further.


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