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16.5 ToolButton (gb. qt4)

This class implements a button for a ToolBar. A ToolButton can display an image, a text or both. In most cases, the text is dispensed with:


Figure 16.5.1: ToolButton and separators in a toolbar in the IDE

16.5.1 Properties

The properties of a ToolButton differ only slightly from the special properties of a' normal' button.

PropertyData typeDefaultDescription
AutoResizeBooleanFalseSpecifies whether the size of the ToolButton automatically adapts to the content (text/icon)
ActionStringNullSets the action string that is bound to the ToolButton or returns the string back
CaptionStringNullSynonym for the text property
TextStringNullSets the text to be displayed on the ToolButton or returns it back
ToogleBooleanFalseWith the value True the ToolButton has the properties of a Schalters
ValueBooleanFalseSets the value of the ToolButton as a toggle button (locked or unlocked) or returns this value
PicturePictureNull Sets the image to be displayed on the ToolButton or returns the image
ToolTipStringNullSets or returns the ToolTipö text to be displayed

Table Selected button properties

You can use any icon on the button - it will be automatically stretched - provided that you only use ToolButton or MenuButton in the toolbar (ToolBar).

16.5.2 Events - Events

The click event is also the dominant event for a ToolButton. It is triggered when the user clicks with the mouse on the ToolButton or when the value of the. value property changes.

Section of a source code for a project in which 4 toolbuttons (→ Figure are used:

[1] Public Sub tbImageOpen_Click()
[2]   ImageOpen()
[3]   mnu13Print.Enabled = True
[4]   tbPrint.Enabled = True
[5] End ' tbOpen_Click()
[7] Public Sub tbImagePrint_Click()
[8]   ImageOpen()
[9]   mnu13Print.Enabled = True
[10]   tbPrint.Enabled = True
[11] End ' tbOpen_Click()
[13] Public Sub tbHelp_Click()
[14]   FHelp.Show   
[15] End ' tbOpen_Click()
[17] Public Sub tbFormClose_Click()
[18]   FHelp.Close
[19]   FMain.Close
[20] End ' tbOpen_Click()

16.5.3 Example

A tried and tested project for the use of a ToolBar with some ToolButtons can be found in → chapter 12.5 ToolBar. There you will find the complete source code, which is commented on in the relevant passages.


Figure ToolButton and separators in a toolbar

Another project is described in chapter 18.6 Toolbar in connection with the properties, methods and events of the container component ToolBar.


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