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19.8.4 Class System

This class System (gb.eval) has only two (static) properties:

  • Datatypes - Static Property Read Datatypes As String[]
  • A string array stores all native data types of Gambas.
Public Sub btnGetDatatypes_Click()
  Dim aMatrixDataTypes As String[]
  Dim sElement As String
  aMatrixDataTypes = System.Datatypes
  For Each sElement In aMatrixDataTypes
      TextArea.Insert(sElement & gb.NewLine)


  • Keywords → Static Property Read Keywords As String[]
  • All reserved words are stored in a string array.
Public Sub btnGetKeywords_Click()
  Dim aMatrixKeywords As String[]
  Dim sElement As String
  aMatrixKeywords = System.Keywords
  For Each sElement In aMatrixKeywords
      TextArea.Insert(sElement & gb.NewLine)
End ' btnGetKeywords_Click()

This list only looks huge at first glance:

Boolean, Byte, Date, Single, Float, Integer, Long, Short, String, Variant, Object, Pointer, Class, Function, Struct, Const, Private, Public, Static, Fast, Property, Event, Inherits, Implements, Export, As, Of, Dim, New, Procedure, Sub, Return, Optional, Output, Do, Loop, While, Until, Repeat, Wend, If, Then, Else, Endif, End, For, To, DownTo, From, Step, Next, Select, Case, Exit, Break, Continue, Goto, GoSub, On, Me, Last, Try, Finally, Catch, With, True, False, Swap, Null, Extern, Each, In, Default, Stop, Quit, Raise, Error, Super, Enum, Let, Print, Input, Read, Write, Open, Close, Seek, Append, Create, Binary, Line, Flush, Exec, Shell, Wait, Sleep, Kill, Move, Copy, Inc, Dec, Mkdir, Rmdir, Watch, Link, Lock, Unlock, Library, Debug, Pipe, Randomize, ByRef, Memory, Chmod, Chown, Chgrp, And, Or, Not, Xor, Div, Mod, Is, Like, Begins, Ends, Left$, Left, Mid$, Mid, Right$, Right, Len, Space$, Space, String$, String, Trim$, Trim, LTrim$, LTrim, RTrim$, RTrim, Upper$, Upper, UCase$, UCase, Lower$, Lower, LCase$, LCase, Chr$, Chr, Asc, InStr, RInStr, Subst$, Subst, Replace$, Replace, Split, Scan, Comp, Conv, Conv$, SConv, SConv$, DConv, DConv$, Abs, Int, Fix, Sgn, Frac, Log, Exp, Sqr, Sin, Cos, Tan, Atn, ATan, Asn, ASin, Acs, ACos, Deg, Rad, Log10, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, Asnh, ASinh, Acsh, ACosh, Atnh, ATanh, Exp2, Exp10, Log2, Cbr, Expm, Logp, Floor, Ceil, Pi, Round, .Randomize, Rnd, Min, Max, If, IIf, Choose, .Array, ATan2, Atn2, Ang, Hyp, Mag, IsAscii, IsLetter, IsLCase, IsLower, IsUCase, IsUpper, IsDigit, IsHexa, IsSpace, IsBlank, IsPunct, BClr, BSet, BTst, BChg, Shl, Asl, Shr, Asr, Rol, Ror, Lsl, Lsr, IsBoolean, IsInteger, IsLong, IsFloat, IsDate, IsNumber, IsNull, TypeOf, SizeOf, CBool, CBoolean, CByte, CShort, CInt, CInteger, CLong, CSingle, CFloat, CDate, CStr, CString, CPointer, CVariant, Bin$, Bin, Hex$, Hex, Val, Str$, Str, Format$, Format, Timer, Now, Year, Month, Day, Hour, Minute, Second, WeekDay, Week, Date, Time, DateAdd, DateDiff, Eval, .Error, .Debug, .Wait, .Open, .OpenMemory, .Close, .Input, .LineInput, .Print, .Read, .ReadBytes, .Write, .WriteBytes, .Flush, .Lock, .Unlock, .InputFrom, .OutputTo, .ErrorTo, Eof, Lof, Seek, .Kill, .Mkdir, .Rmdir, Even, Odd, .Move, .Copy, .Link, .Chmod, .Chown, .Chgrp, Swap, Swap$, IsNan, IsInf, Exist, Access, Stat, Dfree, Temp, Temp$, IsDir, Dir, RDir, .Exec, .Shell, Alloc, Free, Realloc, Str@, String@, .Sleep, VarPtr, .Collection, Tr, Tr$, Quote, Quote$, Shell, Shell$, Html, Html$, Base64, Base64$, UnQuote, UnQuote$, UnBase64, UnBase64$, MkBool, MkBool$, MkBoolean, MkBoolean$, MkByte, MkByte$, MkShort, MkShort$, MkInt, MkInt$, MkInteger, MkInteger$, MkLong, MkLong$, MkSingle, MkSingle$, MkFloat, MkFloat$, MkDate, MkDate$, MkPointer, MkPointer$, Bool@, Boolean@, Byte@, Short@, Int@, Integer@, Long@, Single@, Float@, Date@, Pointer@.


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