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19.6 Using regular expressions - component gb.pcre

The topic is very complex and therefore the following concept is to be implemented so that on the one hand you gain insight into the theory of using regular expressions in Gambas or are referred to further sources as well as receive guidance for practical action:

  • Excursus: Using wildcards in a console.
  • Using regular expressions in Gambas
  • Definition of a regular expression
  • Excursus: “Operator LIKE” from chapter 8.8 under application aspect
  • Checking whether a character from a character set is present in a string.
  • Checking the syntax of strings (email, date, ISBN, etc.)
  • Searching for selected strings in a text
  • Search and replace selected strings in a text. Demonstration of the Regexp.Compile and Regexp.Exec.<x>db</x> methods.


Figure 19.6.1: Using regular expressions for syntax checking.


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