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k19:k19.1:k19.1.3:k19.1.3.2:start Example 4 - Profile Manager GB3

With Gambas 3, profiles can be created with the Settings class, read out as well as evaluated, changed, saved and deleted without adding further files to the project as in Example 3.

Profil-Manager Gambas 3

Figure Profile Manager - Gambas 3

The changes in the source code in Gambas 3 compared to the GB2 source code in chapter are very minor and only affect lines 2 and 9, where 'SettingsP' is exchanged for 'Settings':

' Gambas class file
PUBLIC pSettings AS Settings
PUBLIC aProfilMatrix AS NEW String[]
PUBLIC SUB Form_Open()
  FProfilManager.Border = 1
  pSettings = NEW Settings(Application.Path &/ "Profils/profils.conf", "Profile für einen FTP-Client")
  txtFTPUserPassword.Password = TRUE
  cmbProfilName.ReadOnly = TRUE
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