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19.1 Settings

For certain programmes it is desirable or even necessary to start the programme with tried and tested programme settings each time it is called. The settings mainly refer to

  • to the assignment of variables with default values at the start of the programme or
  • to values of component properties as well as
  • to the size and position of the programme window.

Gambas offers the possibility to store the configuration of a programme in so-called initialisation or configuration files *.conf and to read in and evaluate the contents of this text file at programme start, as an excerpt from a source code shows:

PUBLIC SUB SetConfigurationValues()
  cmbRS232PortName.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/Port-Name", "/dev/ttyS0"]
  cmbSpeed.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/Geschwindigkeit", "4800"]
  cmbParity.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/Parität", "NONE"]
  cmbDataBits.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/AnzahlDatenbits", "8"]
  cmbStopBits.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/AnzahlStopbits", "1"]
  cmbFlow.Text = v24Settings["V24Konfiguration/Datenflusskontrolle", "NONE"]
PUBLIC SUB Form_Close()
  IF RS232.Status = Net.Active THEN CLOSE RS232
  v24Settings["Expander/ExpanderHiddenStatus"] = expRX_TX.Hidden
' V24Settings.Save wird bei Form_Close automatisch ausgelöst




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