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22.5.6 Class DataComboView (gb.db.form)

The DataComboView control implements a ComboBox that allows the DB user to select a specific data record in the DB table. The combo pop-up window displays the table content in a DataView. Properties

The DataComboView class has the following special properties:

PropertyData typeDescription
ColumnsString[ ]Sets the fields to be displayed in a DataComboView or returns the fields in a string array (field names).
FieldStringSets the field to be displayed in a DataComboView or returns the field (field name). The data comes from the first data source (DataSource).
FilterStringSets a filter via an SQL Where clause that determines the content to be displayed in the DataComboView.
HeaderBooleanDetermines whether a (horizontal) header is to be displayed or returns the value of its visibility.
ModifiedBooleanReturns True if the content in the DataComboView has changed.
ValidBooleanReturns True if the content of the control is valid.
ValueVariantSets or reads the value. Note: The `Value` is the primary key of the current database table!

Table : Properties of the DataComboView class Methods

The DataComboView class only has one relevant method: Update( ): Reloads the (current) content of the DataComboView. Events

The DataComboView class only has one event of significance:

Validate ( Value As Variant ): The event is triggered when the content of the DataComboView needs to be validated before saving. `Value` is the value to be checked from the DataComboView list. This event allows the user to define specific validation requirements. To invalidate the data, simply stop the event with STOP EVENT.

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