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22.4.11 Class ResultField (gb.db)

This class represents a field in a Result object. Properties

The ResultField class only has these four properties:

PropertyData typeDescription
NameStringDelivers the name of the current field in the Result object.
ResultResultDelivers the Result object that has this (Result) field.
TypeIntegerDelivers the type of the DB field in the Result object. One of the following constants for the field data type is returned: db.Blob (-2), db.Boolean (1), db.Date (8), db.Float (7), db.Integer (4), db.Long (5), db.Serial (-1) or db.String (9).
LengthIntegerDelivers the length of the current field in the Result object. This only applies to a text field. You can check this via the type of the DB field. If no limit/field length was specified for the DB text field, then zero is returned.

Table : Properties of the ResultField class


Dim iTextLength As Integer
If ResultField.Type = db.String Then 
   If iTextLength = Null Then 
      Message.Info("Info-Text: No limit (NULL)")
      iTextLength = ResultField.Length
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