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22.4.0 Component gb.db

This component allows you to access various database management systems (DBMS). These include:

  • PostgreSQL,
  • MySQL,
  • SQLite2,
  • SQLite3 or
  • ODBC.

The component has the following classes, which are presented in the following sections:

  • Blob,
  • Connection,
  • Connections,
  • DB,
  • Database,
  • DatabaseUser,
  • Field,
  • Index,
  • Result,
  • ResultField and
  • Table.


Figure Display of DB data (DB data type BLOB)


The DB component gb.db creates an intermediate layer between the specific database server or the SQLite library and the Gambas programme, so that you can always use the same code - regardless of which database backend you choose!

However, this only works if:

  • you create your database with the Database Manager or this component,
  • you consistently use the search, create and edit methods,
  • you do not enter the SQL values directly in the SQL query, but instead use the replacement function of the aforementioned methods (Find, Create, Edit) and
  • you do not use the Exec method, with which you can send SQL queries directly to the backend.

If you don't need the database independence, then you can do whatever you want! Well - let's do that then!

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