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22.5.2 Class DataCheckBox (gb.db.form)

The DataCheckBox class represents the connection of a DataCheckBox to a database field of type Boolean. The tristate state is displayed if the field value has the database-specific value NULL. Properties

The DataCheckBox class has the following properties:

PropertyData typeDescription
TextStringSets the description that is displayed after the DataCheckBox. You can also read out the description.
ValueVariantSets the value of the DataCheckBox. You can also read the value of the property.
ValidBooleanIndicates whether the content of the control is permitted (True (check mark), False (empty), tristate state NULL (-) ).

Table : Properties of the DataCheckBox class


Figure Display of the states Methods

The DataCheckBox class only has this relevant method: DataCheckBox.Update( ). It reloads the (current) field value into the DataCheckBox.

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