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1.1.2 Gambas documentation

The only official documentation available for the Gambas development environment is the documentation on the Internet.
For Gambas version 3, there is a new official Gambas wiki at

Searching works easiest with Google search using this search string for example for information on the definition RichText or on Paint:

  • <search-string>.
  • richtext
  • paint

Figure The new Gambas documentation.

Under the link you will find the old documentation for version 2, which is no longer maintained. You can switch directly to the documentation for version 3 (→ red marked area):

Figure Gambas documentation (read-only)

You will get help for the following areas, among others:

  • Components - description of properties, methods, events and constants.
  • error messages
  • Information on the installation of Gambas.
  • Overview of published Gambas projects.
  • Information for developers
  • Instructions for translating Gambas projects.
  • Instructions on how to distribute Gambas programs (installation packages).

Unfortunately, there are only a few passages in the documentation for which there is also a German translation.

At (./Help/Books) you can find also online books for Gambas 3:

Figure Online book in german

An English translation of the German Gambas-Buch introduced above. Start reading the English version at

Figure Online book in english

Very informative is the overview on the start page of on Gambas projects, compiled from different fields of application. Often the developers not only make the programme available under a stated licence, but also the complete Gambas project - including all source code. The authors have also made a project on 'Data Type Struct' available for download:

Figure Project 'Struct' on the 'Applications' page

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