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I dedicate this book to our son Thomas.


∗ 2.6.1971 † 24.10.2017

Welcome * Online-Book

The website is a private site about Programming with GAMBAS. The website is under construction. With the operation and maintenance of the website we hope to give all those interested in the programming language GAMBAS help in using this programming language. As a retired computer science teacher, the young people who take their first steps in the wide world of computer science at school are particularly important to me.


Online book on the programming language Gambas

The four authors Hans Lehmann, Tobias Boege, Ingo Beckert, Claus Dietrich and Emily Görnandt as translator have decided to publish essential parts of their book on programming in the programming language GAMBAS online autoren.

The cooperation of the readers in the development of the online book is expressly desired. The quick [impressum:start|EMail-Contact]] to the authors Hans, Tobias, Ingo and Claus makes it possible to implement many suggestions and references to the contents of the website. We hope that all readers will like the content and form of this online book.

  • Since March 2013 all projects are developed and tested exclusively with Gambas 3 in the current stable version (→ header).
  • Information about the Components used in the projects presented can generally only be found in the.project-file, because the development of the components still contains changes.
  • The QT4/5 toolkit is used consistently as a'Graphical User Interface' in all projects. If this standard is deviated from, then this is expressly emphasized in the article.
  • For the gambas versions GB3 there is a new gambas wiki.

June 27, 2024


  • The German forum 'Gambas Club' is available as a forum - in German - for all those interested in the programming language GAMBAS, in which questions can be asked and answered by experienced moderators and projects can be presented.
  • On April 8, 2017 Christof Thalhofer took over the administration of the Gambas Club.
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