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1.1.1 Gambas versions

If you have decided to program with Gambas in the future, you should choose a stable version 3 from the package sources of the Linux distribution or install the current stable Gambas version 3 from the project sources.

gb2 gb3

Currently, most programmers work with the stable Gambas version 3 and only a few use the developer version via GIT. Late changes from stable version 2 to stable version 3 should follow the following instructions:

  • Switching from version 2 to version 3 is carefully planned, but does not require any special knowledge.
  • Gambas2 programs are automatically converted to Gambas3 format in the Gambas3 IDE.
  • The most important new feature is the hidden folder . src in the project folder, where all relevant project files are stored.

If you change from Gambas2 to Gambas3 or from Gambas3 - version smaller than version 3.4.0 - to a higher version you have to note that the installation directories have changed! This requires a clean and complete de-installation of the current Gambas version and a new installation of the development environment of Gambas.

The de-installation and (new) installation are described in separate chapters in the online book.

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