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5.3.0 Gambas - Console

Gambas offers excellent possibilities to develop graphical user interfaces (GUI) for console programs. Using the example of the project' gui_gnuplot' as an example, chapter 5.3.1 introduces a GUI for the console program' gnuplot' and shows how to compile the project with the compiler, generate an executable program with the archiver and use the interpreter to start the program for the user interface.

Figure GUI for the console program' gnuplot'.

If you call the gambas interpreter gbx3 in a terminal with the option -e, you can evaluate an expression passed as a parameter and display the result. Chapter 5.3.2 describes how to evaluate a Gambas printout and which special features you have to pay attention to with the Gambas expressions.

hans@linux:~$ gbx3 -e 2*(3+log(2))
hans@linux:~$ gbx3 -e sin(rad(30))
bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('
hans@linux:~$ gbx3 -e "sin(rad(30))"

How to start Gambas programs with parameters in a console is explained in chapter

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