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29.3.0 Component gb.gsl

The component gb.gsl aims to implement many features of the 'GNU Scientific Library'. It currently adds support for complex numbers, vectors, matrices and polynomials.

The coefficients of vectors, matrices and polynomials can be real numbers or complex numbers. In addition, the component enables standard arithmetic operators such as +, -, *, /, ^, Abs() or the = and <> relations for all of these objects and offers automatic conversions between them. Vectors and polynomials are transparently converted to and from arrays.

Note that the component gb.gsl is not finalized and only a part of the GSL library has been implemented. This also applies to the arithmetic operators. At present (as of Gambas 3.6.3.), for example, polynomial division is not yet implemented, but polynomial addition is.

The component gb.gsl contains the following classes:

  • Complex 2 (→ Chapter 29.1)
  • GSL
  • Matrix
  • Polynomial
  • Vector
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