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7.3.5 Deque (gb. data)

The class Deque is the base class of the stack and queue. The name “Deque” was derived from “Double-ended Queue” - a double-ended queue. You can add elements to the beginning and the end of a request and read elements from both ends. The class Deque contains elements of type Variant. Properties

Size Integer (Read-Only) Number of elements of the Deque
IsEmpty Boolean (Read-Only) True, if there are no elements in the deque, otherwise wrong Methods of a deque-object

Clear () Remove all elements
PushFront (vElement) Attaching an element to the beginning of the Deque
PushBack (vElement) Attaching an element to the end of the Deque
PopFront () Remove and return the first element
PopBack () Remove and return the last element
PeekFront () Returns the first element without removing it
PeekBack () Returns the last element without removing it
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