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13.7.1 Insert MenuButton

If you want to use one or more MenuButtons in a project on a form, the following notes must be observed:

First you should place the MenuButton in a container. A ToolBar is well suited for a (horizontal) toolbar:

Symbolleiste mit MenuButton
Figure Two MenuButtons in one toolbar

Then the individual menus are to be designed and most safely declared with the MenuEditor in the desired structure:

Figure Menu editor with the individual menus

Make sure to set the .Visible property for the menus in the top level of the hierarchy (image file and help) to False so that they do not appear on the form. For each menu in the menu list - except for the menu mnuSpace - the property .Caption must be set to a string that is not empty; even if this character string is not displayed, otherwise a hyphen will be generated! You can assign a suitable icon to each menu.

Afterwards, the actions that are triggered when a certain menu is activated by a click must be described in the source code. Here is a corresponding extract from a source text:

Public Sub mnu11Open_Click()
  mnu13Print.Enabled = True
End '  mnu11Open_Click()
Public Sub mnu13Print_Click()
  mnu13Print.Enabled = False
End ' mnu13Print_Click()

Finally, the mentioned actions OpenImage() and PrintImage() have to be coded, which basically determine the functionality of the program:

' Eigene Programm-Aktionen
Public Sub OpenImage()
  Dialog.Title = "Import an image file!"
  Dialog.Filter = ["*.png", "Image files"]
  If Dialog.OpenFile(False) = True Then
     Message.Info("The opening of the image file was cancelled!")
     Return ' Cancel-Button pressed
  Endif ' Dialog.OpenFile
End ' OpenImage()
Public Sub PrintImage()
  Message.Info("The image is printed (print routine is called up)!")
End ' PrintImage()
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